Rotary Request Form

Are you interested in asking Oakhurst Sierra Rotary to help with your next project?  If you would like to request a donation or make a presentation to our Board of Directors, please fill this form out and our Board will discuss it at our next meeting.  The Board of Directors meets once per month, please allow up to 30 days to hear back from us. 

You must submit the following documentation by using the UPLOAD button at the bottom of this form.

A detailed description of project (unless it's described in detail on the form)

A detailed Project Budget 

Pictures of the existing structure the donation is intended to replace or repair, if applicable.

Plans of replacement or repairs, if applicable.  

If you have trouble filling out the online form, you can download it HERE and email, or mail it, along with the above requested documentation to:


Oakhurst Sierra Rotary 

PO Box 643

Oakhurst, CA  93644

Incomplete forms will not be reviewed or considered, thank you for your understanding.